30 July 2011

Cycling: 30 July

Today was the first group ride I attended with the campus cycling club. They have mountain/trail bike sessions on Saturday and Tuesday evenings for an hour. I have never before ridden as part of a group (unless you count that one time I wheezed up Connecticut Avenue from Adams Morgan to Cleveland Park and pretty much gave up while the two others traveled ahead to the coffee shop to wait for me).

Today, however, I kept grinning like no one's business. It was pure awesome. Glorious. Amazing. Sweaty. I feel tired, but I could have whipped it out, climbed some hills, and fallen a few more times. I only fell once, trying to mount a 5-foot-tall sand incline thing. Everyone else was doing it, but I was timid and didn't power through. But I'm fine (I know you worry)--it wasn't a steep incline, so I could easily catch myself as I slid back and tumbled.

Riding through sand, however, is tough work. It's worth it, however--it's much more fun and effective doing road/trail/beach riding than random resistance training on the stationary bicycle at the gym. I got a much better workout outside than I believe I ever would have on the bike inside the gym. Plus, I got to meet a lot of cool people--and even prodded one of them to get some work-related stuff done for me.

I would love to log a route on MapMyRide, but it doesn't have satellite imagery that includes the campus (a problem encountered because of the expedited university construction). I was told the 1-hour ride was about 15 kilometers (almost 10 miles). So it isn't a terribly far distance, but there were hills, beaches, and other parts that made it a challenge. Although I'm sure many of my friends wouldn't have any issue at all riding here--it is, in actuality, very flat and nice, and as long as you bring enough water, it's not very different from riding in Washington, DC--except for the almost complete lack of traffic.

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