28 July 2011


I have found many reasons not to exercise this week. I have suggestions of "gym," "yoga," and "cycling" in a reasonable schedule on my calendar--it adds up to about 9 hours of physical activity a week. I think that's a good number! And how much of that did I do this week? Exactly none of it, so far. I still have the chance to go to the gym tomorrow, before the full week is over and I wasted it by not working out. But I'll probably skip that and just make some delicious gyungdan for a house party late tomorrow afternoon.

But as a self-flagellatory exercise, let me list the excuses I found reasonable at the time here:

  • DC State Fair Board Meeting
  • Goodbye dinner for departing coworker
  • Goodbye lunch for same departing coworker
  • Lunch with nondeparting coworkers
  • Waiting to have a meeting that never happened and didn't have a lunch break
  • Had to "get stuff done" that never got done
  • Had to prepare food for a late brunch I invited people to

Lately, my work schedule has been a bit up in the air--things happen with only minutes for me to prepare for them, sometimes. Or things that I prepare for don't necessarily happen. So although I do get lunch every day, sometimes it's later than what seems reasonable, and those days, instead of taking a late lunch break to go to the gym, I grab some food and come back to the office. After work is always hard, as a general rule for tons of people. The desire to just go home and veg out is strong in most of us. It's doubly strong for me, as I am attempting not to fall at the running pace of DC State Fair stuff as well as still unpacking and keeping in contact with loved ones.

Maybe I'll start getting some sort of order in my life, in terms of exercise, at least. Or, I might have to start being comfortable with squeezing it in wherever I can and just acknowledging that it might not be at my most motivated times.

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