20 July 2011

Gym: 20 July

Today, despite my soreness, I wanted to try to repeat Monday's routine. I even had fantasies of attending tonight's yoga class. But driving full-tilt after such a long period of almost utter nonmovement isn't healthy, and all those collarbone breaks and physical therapy taught me to listen to my body when it says "Halas!" (One of the very few Arabic words I've been able to pick up--it means "Enough!")

I overworked myself on Monday--not in an incapacitating way, but I'm more sore than I'd like to be two days after a workout. It also shows me how much stretching I don't do, and I definitely should be.

The stationary bike was broken today, so I hopped on the treadmill. For 12 minutes. That may possibly be the longest time I've been on such a contraption in well over a year. I don't deal well with running, although I find I'm able to last much longer on a treadmill than outside (where a block and a half is about as far as I get). I averaged 9.1 kilometers per hour (about 5.65 miles per hour) and was doing a preset incline gradient program. There were periods of 2%, 3%, 4%, and two 6% spikes sandwiched between no-incline portions. I increased the speed of the treadmill during the incline periods, but really and truly, running kicks my butt, so on the flat portions, I slowed it down to a nice walk so I could wipe my face, grab some water, and check my heart rate for fun (highest was about 167, although it descended rapidly to about 140 before the next incline/speed increase).

I repeated the 50 kilogram lat pulldowns from Monday, but this time pushing through 12 reps in both sets.

I wimped out on the pec machine, however: 2 sets of 10 reps with only 35 kilograms. But my pecs are more, well, not-pecs.

And that was all. Less than 30 minutes of activity (tinkering with the broken bike and alerting the staff about it ate up 10 minutes, and I had to grab some lunch before a meeting). But that's less than 30 minutes I would have otherwise not been active at all. Success!

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