27 July 2011

Machine: Bicycle

Not the stationary kind, either! No, this baby is fully functional: 24 speed, 19.5 inch frame, rugged 26 inch wheels for both trail and town riding, hydraulic disc brakes, coil-spring front suspension with hydraulic lockout (I don't really know what that means, but it has it!), Shimano gear shifts, pleasing black and white design with random red accents... What more could a man ask for?

Perhaps a bike rack and a lock? And a well-adjusted bum, too. I have had this bike for a week, and my poor little cushion is all sore. I don't really ride it all that much--to and from work, primarily. I joined the Cycling Club on campus, and I plan on attending their hour-long rides on Saturday and Tuesday evenings, but I still need a water bottle and holder for the bike, as well as the motivation to leave work early enough to go home and change into different clothes before the rides.

I feel as if this bike needs a name. It has personality. I want to call it something like "Railbank." I don't know why it popped into my head, but it did and I like the sound of it. Then I Googled, and it turns out railbanking is a real word--it is the process of preserving unused train tracks that are sometimes converted into public-use cycling trails. I thought it would be more like using a guard rail or even hand rail to bank (in the sense of altering your vertical position to a tilted one while turning, not the act of going to the financial institution to store monetary goods), but I guess reclamation for recreation is bad-ass, too.

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