12 August 2011

Cycling: 12 August

It's official: I'm moving back to Washington DC for gushy romantic reasons. My last day in Saudi Arabia is 23 August--my flight back leaves at 5 AM on 24 August, and then it'll be a whirlwind of activity for DC State Fair on 27 August.

So I've been keeping very busy, organizing contests for the Fair, planning and packing for an international move, and attempting to find employment back in DC. It's quite stressful, so on top of the emotional trauma of moving in general, moving internationally, starting a new job, and all of that, I now am going through it all again, but in a shorter time frame, with a bunch of other stresses on top of it.

So, I needed a break. I have been feeling hella fat lately (and I am, because of Ramadan. I basically feel as if I'm sneaking any meal during daylight--it makes me eat even more, if that's possible.), so I thought going for a bike ride would be great to relieve a bit of tension and make me feel a little better about my physical shape.

Not so! I went out for about 40 minutes this afternoon. But there is apparently sand all up in my chain, and I might be a little dehydrated--it was a rough ride, even on mostly paved surfaces. And, because of Ramadan, I've been told it's considered uncouth to drink water in front of people during daylight hours. So I had to find hidden places to sneak a drink of water. Which means I didn't really drink any water.

One of the impatiences I have at KAUST is the physical activity--not that it doesn't exist, because it seems to, but the lack of a culture of support (thus this blog, which does actually help, but I still need more). I miss parkour, but I could get over that--yoga has been interesting, and there are other classes I could have seen myself getting into. But my motivation isn't there. The environment in Washington DC is really a lot more conducive to physical and nutritional health. Or, rather, it's easier for me to be healthy and active there.

I look forward to my return--when I get there, this blog will most certainly be updated more frequently, because I'll be more active. Although I packed most of my personal possessions for transport already, I still have my gym clothes and bike--they'll come with me on the plane, because I fully intend to use them up until my last day here.

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