18 August 2011

Cycling: 18 August

I made a rice and chickpea vegetable stew today followed by peanut butter sesame seed scones.

Both were delicious. But I ate a ton.

So I went for an hour-long bike ride. I went out to one of the as-yet unopened beaches and climbed a sand hill for a while, then I followed along the tall security fence with the chicken wire on top for a bit. I traipsed around the undeveloped desert area that will at some point be... Something.

I don't know if it's dehydration, lack of frequent activity, or just that I didn't do it in a group, but I didn't push myself as much as when I went on the group ride a few weeks ago. I wish I had time for it in the past few weeks, but, y'know, something always came up. This, my last week at KAUST, will be no different: my house inspection is at the same time as the ride on Saturday, and my last night in the Kingdom is the Tuesday ride. I could probably ride then--but I just cleaned my bike and I plan on breaking it down, padding it, and creating a makeshift bike box for airport transit.

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