22 August 2011

How To Ship A Bicycle

When traveling with a bicycle, one must observe the carrier's regulations and specifications. For example, I will be flying British Airways back to Washington, DC, via London. British Airways allows two checked luggage items of 23 kilograms or less each for such international flights. One of those items may be substituted for appropriately packaged sporting equipment of equal or lesser weight for no additional charge. For bikes, packaging must be a bike box or bike bag.

But what does one do when one lives in Saudi Arabia and the local bike shop doesn't seem to understand that bicycles actually get shipped in boxes, not fully assembled on the back of pick-ups?

I gave a thought to just wrapping the entire bike up in some clear plastic like a bag, but I wanted a modicum of protection. So I cut up some small cardboard boxes and taped them together around the bike to fashion my own bike box--at just under 17 kilograms, I'm certain this feat of engineering will protect my bicycle while en route to DC.

My only concern is the British Airways employee I'll encounter at 7:15 AM on Wednesday--will s/he accept my second item of checked luggage? S/he better...!

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  1. I'm having palpitations imagining shipping my carbon fiber bike in this contraption.