23 September 2011

Activity: 23 September

Well, besides helping bake for 6 hours (which wasn't very physically demanding), I did my third day of the VirtuaGym body-weight program: a repeat from Wednesday's exercises. The entire six weeks of the program is basically just a repeating 5-day cycle of body weight exercises on days 1, 3, and 5 and then running (which I switched to bicycling and doubled the time) on days 2 and 4. The speeds, reps, and times don't change from week 1 to week 6--so I might increase the challenge level as I go.

Even though this is only the second time I did the exercises, I improved my time by 10% (27 minutes instead of 30). I'm still all wiped out after doing them, innocuous though they seem. My shoulders, abs, and the entire area around my butt/groin/quads hurt from the other day. And yet, I felt a lot more capable doing the exercises today, despite the soreness. I love that tightness, the throb of a well-worked muscle. I should start stretching--especially if biking will be my almost-every-other-day aerobic exercise. David, my beau, and I have yoga deals at a nearby studio, so we'll start that this weekend, I think. It's a wonderful activity to complement parkour, so I'm all for it!


Marched in place for 3 minutes, 20 reps of windmills, 25 squats, 30 reps of lunges (once each leg is a single rep), 12 wall push-ups, 2 sets of 15 reps of "front rotations" (swinging your arms in big, slow circles in front of you), 12 "board to mountain"s, 2 sets of 15 crunches, 12 board holds, 2 sets (10 reps and 6 reps) of back raises, and marching in place for another 2 minutes.

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