10 October 2011

Cycling: 9 October

It was a beautiful weekend: so the beau and I headed out to Winchester in the Shenandoah Valley for a relaxing break.

We brought our bikes and decided to do a short, 25-ish mile ride from a book my boy's previous assistant gave him with bike trails in Virginia.

And I think I made a good show. I did 24 miles--we added a bit of distance by going the wrong way after stopping at the cafe a little after mile 17. During that break, my legs started feeling like they wouldn't hold my weight (and, in fact, my left leg buckled a little). At about mile 22 or 23, I made David go ahead to get the car (5 miles away). I was slowing down dramatically because my legs were not interested in working anymore, and I was in such low gears and going so slowly going up hills I feared I would just fall right over. After David went ahead, I rested for a bit and then rode another mile and a half or so before he came with the car.

I may have insanely muscular legs, but they don't have endurance. Still, I'm proud of the 24 miles I did in the beautiful, hilly area around the Shenandoah River. It was at least 20 miles more than I have done in one go... Well, almost ever. Except for that one group ride in Saudi Arabia, where the land was completely flat.

Hills kick my butt! But if I want to prepare for AIDS/LifeCycle in June, I have to get used to them--one day of the ride is the "Quadbuster." I'm not looking forward to that ride...

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