04 October 2011

Excuses: 3 October

Three days of activity and I fell off the wagon. But it wasn't my fault--it rained on my day to cycle! And then the next day was, well, I think I got sick for a few days. And then it was DC State Fair, and it was all cold and wet and stuff. Then I was busy and tired.

My excuse today? No need for one! I biked downtown, and I'll get a few miles in throughout the day. I've been starting to consider eating more calorically and financially thoughtfully, too.

To encourage me to keep it up, however, beyond this blog and gathering around me people who encourage me to be physically active and nutritionally reasonable, I have decided to see whether I can switch my registration for AIDS/LifeCycle 2012 from Roadie to Cyclist. Earlier this year, I went to California (from Saudi Arabia) to volunteer while David cycled for seven days from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We registered for the event this year, too, but he kept nudging me to switch to be a cyclist, even though I'm incredibly intimidated by the entire idea. So... I e-mailed some of the coordinators yesterday. Let's see what happens!

In the meantime, I'll try to bike a bit more--at least twice a week for now (winter is coming, after all). If I get a gym membership, I could perhaps use a stationary bike (which I actually think I enjoy for longer rides, anyway, because I can watch Maangchi cook delicious food) a few times a week, too/instead.

But you! You can help too. I need to raise $3,000 to be able to cycle in the event (which really costs a heck of a lot of money when you have to feed, house, and entertain about 3,000 cyclists, volunteers, and camp "followers" around all of California). So check out my donation page and be generous!

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