27 November 2011

Gym: 27 November

I have plenty of excuses for not having exercised for the past two and a half weeks. I had a lot of hours at my two jobs, I caught the boy's crazy illness that knocked me out for more than a week, and then Thanksgiving. But really, excuses are just that: excuses. They aren't really reasons.

Not having reasons not to go to the gym isn't enough to get me there--I need reasons to go to the gym, or at least some peer pressure. So today, after brunch, more work, and a nice wander around, my boy and I got ready to go to the gym. He got distracted, and I ended up heading over there to watch Netflix on my phone while riding the bike for 57 minutes on a Random Hill program. The bike said I made it 19.31 miles with an average revolutions per minute of 87 (I try to keep it between 95 and 105, but some of those hills were steep--and after the first 40 minutes, my legs started kind of seizing a bit) and an average heart rate of 123 (I didn't really measure my heart rate much), for a grand total of a machine-estimated 525 calories burned.

I didn't do any weight training this time--I thought an hour on the bike was enough. I'll do less bike time and some weights at my next visit this week.


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