09 November 2011

Gym: 9 November

I have been meaning to go to the gym I just joined during the morning, when I would assume I'd have it basically to myself. That hasn't yet happened, nor has actually going to the gym. So I bit the bullet and went this evening at 5, after "training" at the restaurant (wiping down shelves, unwrapping an ungodly number of chairs, and screwing together tables and such), I went to work out.

After 25 minutes on one of those electricity-generating stationary bikes (48 watt-hours generated), I wobbled off the bike and did some weight training.

I upped the weight for my lat pulldowns this time: 2 sets with 10 reps at 110 pounds. I could have done another set or a greater number of reps, but I do like to conserve my energy to work out other muscles. And I've been feeling icky (not even as close to as icky as the boy, however), so I didn't try to max anything out.

Next were chest presses again, which weren't really things I did before this new gym, but the machine was free, so I went for it and did 2 sets of 10 reps at only 80 pounds. That's more weight than last time, but 2 fewer reps per set.

Last, I did these kind of sit ups for my back. There's this machine that is really just a glorified fulcrum--you brace your feet on the base, lean over the pads that support you on your thighs, and lower and raise your upper body using your abs and back muscles. To make it slightly more challenging, you can hold weights in your hand. I used to do these with personal trainer number two, and I enjoyed feeling the soreness. So I did 2 sets of 10 reps with the added 10 pound weight that was laying nearby.

I won't say this was a vigorous workout or anything particularly amazing. But sometimes, just doing anything is a success.

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