27 December 2011

Gym: 27 December

I'm here in Irmo, South Carolina, where my beau and AIDS/LifeCycle partner hails from. We are spending the holidays down here. The hotel we're at has a membership agreement with a local fitness centre, so I checked it out this evening.

They don't have the programmable bikes I like (that tell you distance, calories burned, average speed, heart rate, and all that, in addition to the Random Hill programs), so I ended up doing only 10 minutes on the race-bike-type of stationary bike.

Then, I did weight training. I started with 2 sets with 10 reps at 50 pounds of vertical pec decks--yeah, I don't know what that is, either. You sit on the thing and push the bars away from your chest. Then I did 2 sets with 10 reps at 112.5 pounds of lat pulldowns, 2 sets with 10 reps of those back crunch things with a 10 pound weight, and 2 sets with 10 reps at 75 pounds of chest presses (the first 4 reps of the first set was at 87.5 pounds, but then I lowered it). I headed to the gym's rowing weight machine (not a rowing machine--this one is a stationary weight machine with plates and a pin to select the weight. It works the delts, rhomboids, lats, and traps) for 2 sets with 10 reps at 80 pounds. Then, I was outtie.

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