12 January 2012

Activity: 12 January

While in South Carolina for the holidays, David and I saw an infomercial on a hotel TV for Insanity, a max-rep body-weight interval fitness training. It seemed interesting to both of us, what with our move from me cooking homemade General Tso's Tofu to being more healthy and fit, and it seemed as if it'd be a great complement to parkour.

Thus, I did the 25-minute Fit Test today.

First was a warmup, which was fine--jogging, jumping jacks, "heisman" exercises (which I never got the gist of before it moved to the quick-step heisman), butt kicks, high knee lifts, and some sort of arm-scissoring jog-kick things that were called "mummy kicks."

Then there was a few minutes of stretching before the fit test, which consisted of a series of exercises that last for 1 minute with 1 minute or so of rest in between. The first exercise was high switch kicks (whoa, my quads and such are TIGHT), followed by power jacks (jumping jacks with a squat at the end, basically); "power knees"; power jumps (which I just call "jumps"); "globe jumps" (it's just a jump to the left, back, right, and front, in a square); "suicide jumps" (or burpees, which I'm more familiar with--drop to a push up, bring your legs up under your chest, jump, squat, push up, repeat); push-up jacks (as you lower your upper body, open your legs like a horizontal jumping jack--bring your legs back together as you push up); and last but perhaps most fun, the low plank oblique (hold your upper body in a plank position and bring your knee up to your elbow-ish area, alternating each leg). Then a longer stretch session.

For my first attempt, I'm saying I did 0 high switch kicks (I know I did several dozen, but my legs didn't get very high, and I was mostly jogging, so I stopped counting), 29 power jacks, 70 power knees, 20 power jumps (this was more difficult with a not-legal-height ceiling), 0 globe jumps (nigh impossible with the floor space available and low ceiling height), 9 burpees (I was tired, plus ceiling height), 4 push-up jacks (um, no.), and 24 low plank obliques.

I'm a wuss. I was sweaty and tired in minutes. I know endurance is one of my weaknesses--which is why I need to do things like this to build it up. So, I will try.

Let's see how it goes next time!

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