23 January 2012


I've mentioned before that I'm registered to participate in AIDS/LifeCycle this June.

After my hour-long ride at the gym (in fact, I was just getting out of the shower at home), I got a call from my Cycling Rep for the ALC event. I had recently e-mailed and called her to try to set up Team PFLAG, because David and I preregistered at last year's event, so it was not possible for us to do this for ourselves.

She had a lot of encouraging words for me as a first-time ALC cyclist. I do need quite a bit of encouragement--I'm terrified of the idea of riding 545 miles on my bike in just a few months. I know it'll be amazing--and painful--but I really want to do this. That's part of what this blog is all about, and completely what the little effort-tracking sidebar to the right is all about.

I went back to 22 September, the first date I am counting as part of my ALC Training record, and then graphed the distance I've biked outside and the time I've spent on the bike indoors. Then, I added the distances each day for this June's ride (using last year's mileage, which may vary this year but is still pretty reasonable, I'm sure).

(The first day of the graph is 1 September, even though the first day I'm counting is 22 September. OpenOffice doesn't seem to have an elegant graph editor, so the dates don't show up on the bottom. On the far right is June 3-9, the dates of AIDS/LifeCycle. The purple graph corresponds to minutes spent on stationary bicycles in gyms with the axis on the right; orange is miles rode on my Trek 4300 trail bike [Railbank, I call him] outside, with miles on the left axis.)

I'm even more terrified to know that my longest ride is still only half of the length of the shortest day during ALC. I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to complete this ride--or even the first, 80-plus-mile day of it.

Beyond the effort I need to put in to get to a place where I can ride 100 miles a day several days in a row, I need to get to a place donation-wise to even be able to participate. I wouldn't mind you sending a few greenbacks ALC's way so I can participate in June!

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  1. Go Kenneth! I am going to get back into cycling myself, so once I get a new bike I'd be happy to cycle with you. I can do 30-50 miles fairly easily depending on terrain and wind conditions... On another note, I actually hit a personal walking record, I did 15 miles on foot Sunday afternoon :-) My legs are still screaming at me hehe