31 January 2012

Cycling: 31 January

I biked down to Hains Point today with David. It was nice out, so David didn't wear a jacket (I did). But, I don't go fast enough on my bike for him not to get cold, it seems--he was on his uberexpensive road bike meant for speed, I was on my heavy trail bike meant for rougher terrain, limping along with a bent brake disc on the front wheel. My average speed ended up being 8.61 miles per hour (1 hour 10 minutes for a total of 9.47 miles biked). I didn't end up biking all the way back home--I'm not used to biking on the road anymore, and my butt started hurting. I think my legs are still stiff, too, from yesterday around town and at the gym.

I need to do this much more regularly if I'm ever going to make it to ALC!

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