30 January 2012

Cycling and Gym: 30 January

Today I got a twofer--I cycled to and back from the gym, as well as cycled at the gym!

I didn't go to my neighbourhood location, it was one downtown near David's office. It doesn't seem to matter which location I end up going to, I am getting increasingly fed up with the entire Washington Sports Club chain. The Fitness First gym I used to go to had everything I wanted at less than half the monthly fee and a much more friendly and respectful attitude from both staff and patrons. Maybe I was spoiled that it was my first-ever gym membership and I should just get used to the typical DC-like behaviour in WSC locations, but it grates on me so bad.

I was going to do a rant, but it's not worth it. I just don't appreciate the general attitude and inconsideration of WSC patrons and the random poor quality and lack of upkeep of machines in a gym that charges me almost three times what I used to pay for what I consider to be a superior facility.

So, anyway, I biked 17 minutes downtown to the gym, and another 17 northbound back home, for a total of about 4.25 miles, according to the MapMyFitness route below (it's not exact, because the elementary school is just a start/stop point in the general vicinity of home, to throw off stalkers for a few minutes, at least). The route actually has a climb rating (the lowest, 5--but it's rated, which means I had a significant incline of some distance to overcome!).

While at the gym, despite the stationary bike's proclivity toward deciding that it didn't want to offer resistance when I pedaled--but only on every seventh revolution or so--I managed 19 minutes before the thing decided that I was no longer on the bike and shut down. The first bike I was on felt like something was broken on the inside--it was impossible to get a smooth rotation, and the machine only flickered on, barely registering that someone was trying to use it. I also ended up getting in 2 sets with 15 reps at 95 pounds on the chest press machine as I walked back to the locker room in a huff over the bicycle situation.

I also tried to take videos of my ride--a test for later this year when it's nice and I try longer routes into the nearby countryside. I need a better way to attach my iPhone so it has a more front-on angle. I probably also need some video-editing software or something. I'll be posting that video later in the week once I can get it off my phone and figure out how to speed up the frame rate about 20-fold--no one wants to watch 34 minutes of my hand on the handlebar, I'd imagine.

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