23 January 2012

Gym: 23 January

I went to the gym this afternoon, after applying to a few jobs and attempting to find something to pitch for freelance articles.

I spent 62 minutes on the stationary bike doing an alpine hill program. I thought it would add extra peaks as I doubled the time for the program, but it still had only 3 peaks where I worked hard for up to five minutes at a time, with gradients of less intensity on either side.

I get the feeling that the random hill program has a little more variation in the peak intensity, which is nicer for longer rides (>30 minutes), whereas the alpine hill program is probably better for shorter warm-ups when I plan on other activities in the gym.

Anyway, my stats for this ride included an average of 86 revolutions per minute, an average heart rate at 127, 22.16 miles pedaled, and an estimated 619 calories burned.

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