09 January 2012

Gym: 9 January

Today, after making cream cheese spritz cookies, a roasted apple/caramelized onion/blue cheese tart, and candied orange peel (none of which should ever be included in a weight-loss-approved diet), I went to the gym with David. I biked a random hill program for 52 minutes--the machine said I rode 17.26 miles at an average of 86 revolutions per minute, burning 359 calories with an average heart rate of 116 (I didn't really get my hands on the heart-rate-measuring thing except during the resting periods--I've been wanting a heart rate monitor, but I can never seem to justify the expense when I'm out at a store).

With my legs wobbling and David prodding me to leave after his half-hour of biking and some lat pulldowns I told him to do, I went and did my own lat pulldowns: 2 sets of 12 reps at 110 pounds. I was going to do more, but the number of people in the gym made me less inclined to find an open machine or wait for one, so I asked David to show me some of the stretches he does after cycling (which we did for about 5 minutes).

It has been almost two years since he gave me his old Schwinn trail bike (on which I broke my collar bone the second time), and this is the first time we've stretched together. We'll have to do a lot more of that in preparation for AIDS/LifeCycle!

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