02 February 2012

Cycling: 2 February

I need to start going to the gym and cycling more, but it has been so nice outside lately. Problem is, I think I get a better workout in the gym--the bike controls the resistance when I use a preset program, and I just keep going. When I'm out on the road, I slow down--seemingly more when I'm with David than when I'm alone, but then, I don't usually do anything more than a few miles by myself, anyway.

Today, I wandered around the city for a few shopping errands, getting 3.1 miles in.

It's definitely better than nothing! With all the support my friends and family are showing me in donating for AIDS/LifeCycle, I feel it only fair to do my part and get my ass on that bike seat. I'm still concerned about the brake being bent or the wheel falling off--yet again. But like with the nerve-damaging slice I have on my finger, I can't afford to see the professionals about it, so I'll work with what I've got!

To keep pushing myself, I'm doing a few things in the coming weeks. This Saturday, I plan on riding out to Virginia for a seed exchange. I plan on using this route:

There's a 200-foot climb between mile 4 and mile 7 (of a total of 13.67 miles, one way)--it doesn't seem like that much, but there's an 80-foot climb in the route I took today (going up 18th Street), and although that's only over the course of a mile or so, it always makes me want to keel over (a lot less so than when I first started cycling a year ago, but still). Prolonged inclines are the bane of my cycling existence. I've done that climb in Arlington before, and I'm not looking forward to doing it again. I am, however, looking forward to looking forward to doing it--then I'll know I'm ready for AIDS/LifeCycle's legendary Quad Buster.

One of my DC State Fair comrades encouraged me to register for the Vasa ride in early March, put on by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and the House of Sweden. David rode this last year--in the rain!--almost solely for the blueberry soup, I believe. I'm not doing the 59 miler that David'll surely do; I registered for the challenging-yet-perhaps-manageable-for-me 30-mile ride.

Still plenty of time to train before then!

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