13 February 2012

Disclosure: 13 February

This week was a cluster, in terms of my oral intake. Let's get right into it.

Daily Record
Monday 6 February1,8963,4393453,0941,198
Tuesday 7 February1,8852,3403711,96984
Wednesday 8 February1,8852,807402,766881
Thursday 9 February1,8851,7261611,565-320
Friday 10 February1,8852,885602,825940
Saturday 11 February1,8853,2843632,9211,036
Sunday 12 February1,8852,274612,213328
Weekly Total13,20618,7551,40117,3534,148

The basic summary of the week: I barely exercised and I ate a shit-ton. I bolded Thursday's data because it's all a lie--I didn't track most of my day. I'm definitely over by much more than what my little table says--and the scale reflects that, for a gain of 2 pounds.

Weekly Nutrient Summary
Fat847 grams39.8%
Saturated Fat362 grams
Cholesterol2,718 milligrams
Sodium32,102 milligrams
Carbohydrates2,311 grams48.2%
Fiber156 grams
Sugars687 grams
Protein575 grams12%

Although I decreased my carb intake (from what I tracked, at least), it's only because I ate more fat. At least the cholesterol went down, too. I really need to start entering the for-real nutritional information in the foods that I eat to get a better accounting of my nutrition. I'm sure the Kimchi Puppies I made didn't help at all.

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