20 February 2012

Disclosure: 20 February

This week, I feel like I started getting into the weight-loss tracking rhythm again. I know it takes some time, and I love weeks like this, where my effort yields measurable results.

Daily Record
Monday 13 February1,9092,4904242,066157
Tuesday 14 February1,9092,6367161,92011
Wednesday 15 February1,9092,8316522,178270
Thursday 16 February1,9092,185622,123214
Friday 17 February1,9092,3512752,076167
Saturday 18 February1,9092,5574812,076167
Sunday 19 February1,9092,5971902,408499
Weekly Total13,36317,6472,80014,8471,485

I did much better tracking, exercising, and eating at home rather than getting delivery--I stayed not too far over my caloric limit, exercised many times (three days in a row on the stationary bike at the gym, but then I told myself I was too busy and sore to do so the other days and ended up walking at least an hour on each of those days, so it balanced out), and ate a bit better as well. I ended up losing the weight I gained last week--and then some: down 4 pounds to 220.6!

Weekly Nutrient Summary
Fat597 grams32.3%
Saturated Fat277 grams
Cholesterol3,017 milligrams
Sodium25,340 milligrams
Carbohydrates2,146 grams51.5%
Fiber184 grams
Sugars632 grams
Protein676 grams16.2%

My nutrient profile is a better balance--more protein, a bit less fat and carbohydrates. I want to work on getting protein up to 25%, carbohydrates to 50%, and fat to 25% and see how easy that is to work with. I drink a lot of coffee with half and half and eat a lot of cheese, which are the primary sources of fat in my diet. Not exactly the healthiest options, so I'll have to learn (ugh) moderation.

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