14 February 2012

Gym: 14 February

Not to be outdone by a fellow plant blogger in the physical activity area, I went whole-hog today: 62 minutes on the random hill program on the stationary bike, burning 599 calories over 21.17 miles, with an average heart rate of 120 and an average rpm of 83. My heart rate was up a bit, but the rpm went down--because of the length of the ride, there were more hills to climb, and this particular one had some pretty sharp peaks.

I'll need those earned calories tonight for Valentine's Day. Although I had made plans for this evening including eating out and a show at a theatre, David broke his foot while hurtling over the hood of a car last week--so, instead, we'll be ordering in and spending a romantic evening in our little den. As long as I don't collapse from dehydration, that is!

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