15 February 2012

Gym: 15 February

Three days in a row, huh? I guess Monday's Disclosure is having it's desired effect--gotta make up for all that sloth.

It doesn't hurt that I've had a lot of work this week. My hobbies always get more face time with me when I have work to do!

I did another 62 minutes of a random hill program on the stationary bike this afternoon, burning 488 calories over 19.77 miles with an average heart rate of 118 beats per minute and an average rpm of 86. Although I did the same program and time yesterday, I didn't seem to work as hard today--the distance, heart rate, and calories burned were lower, although the rpm was higher. The difference was in the program. Yesterday's had a lot of really intense peaks with only one or two valleys to rest before the next peak. Today, there were two intense peaks toward the end of the ride, with only a couple semi-intense peaks for the rest. So, I got a good workout in--but I am not as exhausted as I was yesterday.

Also, this is my third day in a row, so I'm a bit glad it wasn't as intense. I think I will take a bit of a break tomorrow--I haven't done any weight lifting in the past few days, so I'll do some of that along with a few parkour exercises I enjoy: wall sits, hollow holds, quadrupedal movement, and perhaps box jumps.

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