03 February 2012

Video: 2 February Cycling

I have been using my iPhone as a video-recording device for some of my rides. It's not nearly adequate--I run out of storage space on the 32-gigabyte phone in a matter of minutes. What if I want to go on a 4-hour ride and share it with folks? David has a battery pack I can hook up to the phone--but the way I have it "mounted" (clipped onto my backpack, so it shakes every time I pedal, and it has to be attached in just such a perfect way or all you get is a view of my hand on the handlebars) and the storage space makes this an issue.

I'll try to figure something out.

In the meantime, here's a shaky, poorly edited video of a portion of my trip around town yesterday. I cut out all the time I spent at the ATM depositing cash from the DC Grey Market last weekend, and apparently the phone also decided not to record the jaunt from 14th Street over to U Street via Florida Avenue (not sure why it stopped recording and started up again later). It finally ran out of space when I was just about at the third stop, where I picked up rice noodles for a gluten-free catering order.

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