21 December 2012

Gym: 21 December

13 minutes of moderate intensity on the stationary bike followed by 30 minutes of what should be a moderate warmup but instead is a breath-sucking, soul-sapping personal training session. 4 "man-makers" (push up with hands gripping dumbbells, lifting each weight alternatively while still in push up position, standing up and lifting weights over head, then dropping down is a single rep), 10 medicine ball throws (throwing ball as hard as possible on the ground while squatting to catch it, then repeat), and 1 minute of row machine. Repeat 3 times. Then 5 assisted dips, 30 seconds plank, and repeat once.

Made me want to die a little less than last week, but not by much. Arms were immovable for days after last Friday's session and are still weak an entire week later!

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