31 January 2013

Gym: 31 January

So late to personal training--only 10 minutes. But I got in 2 circuits: 1 minute row machine, 8 burpees, 8 push ups, 8 squat-thrusts per circuit.

Then some weight training by myself: 1 set 10 reps of chest flies at 90 pounds, 1 set only 9 reps chest press at 70 pounds, and 2 sets 10 reps lat pulldowns at 100 pounds.

Gym: 30 January

45 minutes on stationary bike.

25 January 2013

Gym: 25 January

For personal training today, I did lots of lunges with weights. The first set was lunges for about 10 meters with an 18 pound kettle bell held straight up with my right arm, and 10 meters back with the kettle bell in my left hand.

Then 15 squats with a barbell that had 10-pound weights on each end. Not too difficult--a total of 65 pounds, but easier to balance than the sandbag I had used in a previous session.

Then I lunged the set again, but with a lighter weight (I'm not sure what it was). On the way back, with the weight in my left hand, my arm stopped wanting to be held straight up--so my personal trainer grabbed it, said finish then next few lunges, and promptly made me do another set back and forth (without weights), followed by another set of squats with the barbell.

Then, we did some light upper body stuff: rows and push ups using TRX straps. It makes it easier, because you can angle your body to adjust the weight your arms are actually lifting/pulling--but you still work the core to keep your body straight.

I did a set of one-arm rows (right arm first, then left arm), 10 reps each. Then 10 push ups, followed by 10 rows using both arms and another 10 push ups.

After that, I actually stretched! Only for a minute or two, but a lot more than I have in a long time.

18 January 2013

Gym: 18 January

6 minutes on stationary bike to warm up, then personal training: a 30-minute circuit of doom. 1 set 19 reps each of squats holding a kettle bell (25 pounds? I didn't actually check), 19 reps shoulder press with weight (20 pounds + bar? I didn't check), then 19 burpees of death. Another set at 15 reps each. And a third at 9 reps.


16 January 2013

Gym: 16 January

30 minutes on stationary bike. I was going to do a circuit, including the Jacobs Ladder. I did 50 feet on the Jacobs Ladder and started on lat pulldowns--then I wussed out and just finished my 3 sets of 15 reps of lat pulldowns at 85 pounds and called it a day.

11 January 2013

Gym: 11 January

Personal training. A little late, no warm-up. That was okay, it turns out--I feel like dying.

A circuit with 2 rounds: 1 set 10 reps forward lunges with 60 pound sand bag on my shoulders (1 rep is two lunges, one with each leg), 1 set 12 reps dips off a bench, 1 set 12 reps push-ups off a barbell about 2 feet off the ground, 1 set 12 reps sand bag lifts (in squat position, upper body angled about 30 degrees, lifting sand bag toward chest, 1 set 12 reps wall throws with 10 pound ball (squat with ball at chest, explode up, throwing ball at target around 9 feet up, catch ball and carry momentum into a squat), followed by 1 set 12 reps forward squats (sand bag held on arms [elbows up!], keeping abs tight while squatting, making sure sand bag doesn't pull upper body forward). Repeat all of the above. And repeat again, but with tons of breathing, sweat-wiping, and water breaks.

Then, the real torture happened--3 200-meter runs. 27.51 seconds, 28.6 seconds, and 29 seconds. Only a minute and a half of sustained activity, with much longer in between to rest. But damn. I'm exhausted.

10 January 2013

Gyme: 10 January

21 minutes on stationary bike

3 sets 15 reps lat pulldown 85 pounds only (starting light for max reps and extra sets)

04 January 2013

Gym: 4 January

A few minutes late to personal training today, so only 25 minutes of activity: squat-thrusts with a barbell (heavy on its own, no added weight; 15 reps first set with lighter barbell, 10 reps each second and third sets with heavier barbell), followed by low box jumps (15 reps per set).

Then, 3 sets of row machine to 200 meters (about 1 minute) followed by 5 push ups on a weight bench--easier than the floor, harder than push ups on the floor using my knees.

I was sweating a lot, and I can feel the workout, but not as bad as other days. So I spent an hour and a half lifting and sorting heavy boxes this afternoon. Damn good workout!