11 January 2013

Gym: 11 January

Personal training. A little late, no warm-up. That was okay, it turns out--I feel like dying.

A circuit with 2 rounds: 1 set 10 reps forward lunges with 60 pound sand bag on my shoulders (1 rep is two lunges, one with each leg), 1 set 12 reps dips off a bench, 1 set 12 reps push-ups off a barbell about 2 feet off the ground, 1 set 12 reps sand bag lifts (in squat position, upper body angled about 30 degrees, lifting sand bag toward chest, 1 set 12 reps wall throws with 10 pound ball (squat with ball at chest, explode up, throwing ball at target around 9 feet up, catch ball and carry momentum into a squat), followed by 1 set 12 reps forward squats (sand bag held on arms [elbows up!], keeping abs tight while squatting, making sure sand bag doesn't pull upper body forward). Repeat all of the above. And repeat again, but with tons of breathing, sweat-wiping, and water breaks.

Then, the real torture happened--3 200-meter runs. 27.51 seconds, 28.6 seconds, and 29 seconds. Only a minute and a half of sustained activity, with much longer in between to rest. But damn. I'm exhausted.

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