25 January 2013

Gym: 25 January

For personal training today, I did lots of lunges with weights. The first set was lunges for about 10 meters with an 18 pound kettle bell held straight up with my right arm, and 10 meters back with the kettle bell in my left hand.

Then 15 squats with a barbell that had 10-pound weights on each end. Not too difficult--a total of 65 pounds, but easier to balance than the sandbag I had used in a previous session.

Then I lunged the set again, but with a lighter weight (I'm not sure what it was). On the way back, with the weight in my left hand, my arm stopped wanting to be held straight up--so my personal trainer grabbed it, said finish then next few lunges, and promptly made me do another set back and forth (without weights), followed by another set of squats with the barbell.

Then, we did some light upper body stuff: rows and push ups using TRX straps. It makes it easier, because you can angle your body to adjust the weight your arms are actually lifting/pulling--but you still work the core to keep your body straight.

I did a set of one-arm rows (right arm first, then left arm), 10 reps each. Then 10 push ups, followed by 10 rows using both arms and another 10 push ups.

After that, I actually stretched! Only for a minute or two, but a lot more than I have in a long time.

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