29 March 2013

Gym: 29 March

4 minutes on the treadmill before personal training.

Personal training involved 5 sets of 100 feet on the Jacob's Ladder (first set took just 1 minute--the last took about 1 minute 20 seconds). Then I tried to learn how to dead lift but failed pretty well. I think we decided my hip flexor is weak, so I'll be doing more squats and running on my own time.

I finished up my session with a few minutes of stretching.

25 March 2013

Gym: 25 March

7.5 minutes jogging, average 5 miles per hour and 4% incline

2 sets 12 reps at 50 pounds of dual pulley pulldown (like lat pulldowns, but the 50 pound weight is pulled from both hands).

1 minute Jacob's ladder.

2 sets 10 reps back crunches.

1 set 12 crunches. 15 seconds of those up-and-down scissor kicks while upper body is propped up by core muscles. Then another set of 12 crunches, followed by 15 seconds side plank on each side.

22 March 2013

Excuses: 22 March

Spring allergies made me feel horrid all week--I called out from personal training. I had problems focusing on forming full sentences and walking straight, let alone doing any strenuous activity.