23 May 2013

Gym: 23 May

5 minutes on treadmill to warm up before personal training.

Personal training involved a circuit: 15 reps bench presses at 75 pounds, 300 meters on rowing machine. Repeated 5 times.

Then, 1 minute max squats, 1 minute max crunches with the Bosu ball, and 1 minute max pushups. Squats was in the high 30 range--crunches and pushups were in the whimpering/complaining range.

12 May 2013

Activity: 12 May

About 3 hours gardening, some weeding, mostly bending an sowing seeds. 

10 May 2013

09 May 2013

Gym: 9 May

5 minutes on treadmill, then personal training:

3 rounds of 4 reps of modified rope climbs (start laying on the ground, pulling myself up to standing without using legs to help, then lowering myself back down again was one rep) and 10 low box jumps. Then 2 rounds of 10 squat thrusts, 10 squat lifts with kettlebells, and 300 meters rowing with lots of sweating and heavy panting.

05 May 2013

Activity: 5 May

Weeding, 3 hours. Lots of squatting, bending over, etc. Thighs are killing me. 

04 May 2013

Activity: 4 May

Walking around, aimlessly and dehydrated, for about 8 hours at Maryland Sheep & Wool festival. 

03 May 2013

Gym: 3 May

Personal training! We did a fitness test for max reps on a couple of things.

In one minute, I did 13 push-ups. Some were horrible. I thought even 13 good ones would have been horrible.

In 1 minute, I did 6 full sit-ups where I touched my toes. Also horrible, but more than I used to ever do.

Then 1 minute of modified push-ups (with my knees on the floor), hitting 20-something (I forget)--but better than regular push ups.

After that, it was planks: low planks I got for a good 41 seconds. Side plank, left arm was only 16 seconds; side plank, right arm was 26 seconds (which indicates that the core muscles on the left of my body are less strong than on the right side).

Finally, I did some max-weight squats. I started with 65 pounds and worked up slowly to 200. I didn't really hit my max (I could still do two squats with 200 pounds), but we called it a day to get max-reps squats. In 1 minute, I hit 43 squats.

Although all the upper body and core measurements made me feel all failure-ish, I was proud of my max-weight and max-reps squats. I mean, at least I have something going for me!