03 May 2013

Gym: 3 May

Personal training! We did a fitness test for max reps on a couple of things.

In one minute, I did 13 push-ups. Some were horrible. I thought even 13 good ones would have been horrible.

In 1 minute, I did 6 full sit-ups where I touched my toes. Also horrible, but more than I used to ever do.

Then 1 minute of modified push-ups (with my knees on the floor), hitting 20-something (I forget)--but better than regular push ups.

After that, it was planks: low planks I got for a good 41 seconds. Side plank, left arm was only 16 seconds; side plank, right arm was 26 seconds (which indicates that the core muscles on the left of my body are less strong than on the right side).

Finally, I did some max-weight squats. I started with 65 pounds and worked up slowly to 200. I didn't really hit my max (I could still do two squats with 200 pounds), but we called it a day to get max-reps squats. In 1 minute, I hit 43 squats.

Although all the upper body and core measurements made me feel all failure-ish, I was proud of my max-weight and max-reps squats. I mean, at least I have something going for me!

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