12 September 2013

Gym: 12 September

Personal training: Two rounds of a crossfit warm-up. 1 minute each, no rest, of wall balls, dump lifts of barbell, box jumps, presses with barbell, and row machine. Each rep (or calorie, for rowing) counted as 1 point. The first round, I got 92 points from tons of wall balls and presses--second round was 79 points. Third round didn't happen, because I begged off and asked to learn some good stretches instead.

10 September 2013

Gym: 10 September

14 minutes running on treadmill, 11 minutes on stationary bike, and a bunch of minutes with the TRX straps doing 3 rounds: 1 set 10 reps pull-up row things and 1 set 10 reps push-up row things. Then I tried to do a few other things, but my arms were like "Boo!", so I rolled out.