22 February 2013

Gym: 22 February

6 minute warm-up running--0.53 miles. Heart pumping. 1 minute 103 feet on Jacob's ladder. Then a little rest before personal training.

Personal training was 3 sets of this circuit: 5 reps of "man makers" (1 rep is a pushup on 15 pound dumbbells, row with the dumbbell on each side, jump up with the dumbbells and overhead press); followed by 10 kettle bell swings; 15 sit ups (or crunches for the second and third sets); and 20 calories on the rowing machine, which averaged around 1 minute 20 seconds.

08 February 2013

Gym: 8 February

Was late to personal training again! But only a few minutes this time.

A circuit of 20 squats holding 15 pound weights in each hand, 20 wall throws with 10 pound ball, 20 box jumps. On the second round, I did wall throws with a 16 pound ball.

Then, 10 presses with 20 pound weights in each hand, 10 push ups, 10 rows per hand with 30 pounds. Repeated again. And that was all!

06 February 2013

Gym: 5 February

Stationary bike for 30 minutes. The Jacob's Ladder for 1 minute (95 feet), 1 set 15 reps lat pulldowns at 105 pounds, 1 set 10 reps pectoral flies at 90 pounds, 1 set 12 reps shoulder presses with 50 pounds on each arm, followed by 1 minute (99 feet) on the Jacob's Ladder.

I would have done more, but I had been at the gym for almost an hour an all the machines I wanted to use/reuse kept having people hanging off them. I should make a list of body-weight exercises I like to do for situations like that.