13 May 2015

Run: 13 May

I decided to finally go on a run outside. I mapped a 6-mile route I wanted to run--I didn't finish it, not remotely.

I discovered (although I'm not surprised) that it's harder for me to maintain a reasonable pace when I'm not on a treadmill. Looking over the data from the activity log on MapMyFitness, my "rest" intervals ended up averaging something around 3.8 miles per hour instead of 3.5 (even though I felt like I was limping through them); the run intervals averaged somewhere close to 9.25 miles per hour instead of the 6.5 I was aiming for (and that is not including the portion of the run that MapMyFitness tells me I ran faster than 12 miles per hour. I might believe that for the first few seconds of a sprint, but not for the time frame it suggests--I was stopped waiting for a red light to turn green so I could cross the road).

That's how even though I only managed a total of 2 minutes or so of running in the almost 22 minutes of the "run," I still managed 1.45 miles. Which only averages about 4 miles per hour--but that's still on track with what I'm aiming for for the 10K on Sunday. I'm hoping I can calm down a little bit so my run portions can be slower but longer.

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