About Bagging The Baggage

Although fiber arts and gardening are my primary hobbies, I have many others as well. I really loved learning parkour at my gym here in Washington, DC--despite having broken my collarbone there, I returned (after I broke it again on a bicycle and finally healed up) for two bootcamps and advanced classes before moving to Saudi Arabia in May 2011. Although I returned to DC that fall, I still haven't picked it up again. I have barely even gone to the gym as often as before, when I had a personal trainer (yes, during the same time as parkour bootcamps). In 2011, I was at a level of fitness I never thought possible for myself, a man who until 2008 had been pushing or over 300 pounds since high school.

I found the accountability of a group bootcamp and a personal trainer to be necessary to get me to do the things I knew I wanted to do for myself anyway. But lately, I haven't been active. So, I'll use this venue as my accountability support system. I will post workout summaries, videos of me being all sweaty and disgusting, and photos of the machines I use or areas I exercise in (if it's body-weight parkour-type stuff). It may help others give me ideas of other workouts to do, and it'll help me keep track of my progress--as well as spur me to get back to my goal weight and ramp up my physical activities to get back into better shape. I want my six pack back!